“I first began seeing Tina at Bluegrass Nutrition Counseling last year.  I came to Tina as a completely broken woman.  I was in the darkest stages of my eating disorder which consists of both anorexia and bulimia.  I formed an almost immediate bond with Tina and felt so much peace in her approach and I felt comforted simply by being in her presence.  Tina's approach to me was very peaceful and did not scare me away as others had in the past.  She began to teach me ways in which I could relax and focus on finding myself again and not allowing the eating disorder to define me.  I have learned so much about myself and have began to face the underlying the issues that I have held in and ignored for many years.  I continue to see Tina and I look forward to each and every appointment because I learn something new every time.  I find so much peace in her approach and I am truly thankful to her for allowing me to begin my healing and recovery process.  She is very patient and understanding and really hears me when I talk.  She has showed that life is here for me and that I don't have to live a life consumed with the eating disorder.”  April B.

"When I started seeing Emily, I was at low point in terms of my views of my body, food, and exercise. I had been told so often to lose weight and given no real guidance on how to make genuinely healthy, nourishing choices. I could follow any diet and never eat a vegetable. Seeking out nutrition counseling has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Emily has taught me so much about food and it's potential to help me feel great and live a healthy and happy life. Yeah, I've lost weight, but that seems incidental to the broader changes - I've discovered new foods I didn't know I liked, I've learned so much about my body and what it needs, my PCOS symptoms have improved, and I enjoy cooking and trying new things so much more than before. Even my husband's health has improved as a result of the changes in how I cook and shop for us now. Whenever anyone talks about what new diet they're trying now, or how they miss carbs or hate vegetables, I tell them about Emily and how my life has changed for the better." Kathryn M. 

“Tina has gifted me confidence in food and more importantly in myself.   Her non-judgmental and collaborative approach to nutrition counseling is comforting and notably productive.   I am humbly gracious for the peace I have realized by working with her.” Emily A. 

"Thank you for helping me recover from my diverticulitis issues and other stomach problems.   I cannot begin to tell you how much better I am since I followed your guidance, knowledge and expertise, concerning my diet and nutrition. I was amazed at how quickly you were able to diagnose my problems and set me on a path to recovery and wellness.  At every office visit, your kindness, understanding and non-judgmental demeanor created a welcoming environment for me.Only after one month of following your advice I can now return to the activities I like so much. I feel energized and healthy. I am grateful that I had a referral to the Bluegrass Nutrition Counseling office.  Again, Thank you Emily for being so wise." SD.

The dedicated and personalized counseling I have received through BNC has offered me the hope, motivation, tools, and knowledge required to combat my struggles with food.  Tina has been a bright and positive light in the darkness that was my eating disorder.  With her help, I have gained the perspective and confidence to pursue each day healthfully.  For that I am so grateful!" Page H.

"I have Celiac Disease and through a medical procedure, I was having pain and issues with my diet. Without Emily, I would not have gotten through this. She researched and found a hidden issue that we were not aware of. I now am free of pain and back to eating with a new diet! She is patient and listens. Two qualities that are hard to find in a health care provider. I feel lucky and blessed to be in her care." Virginia V. 

"BNC is a wonderful place to get holistic, nurturing, personal help for eating problems.  I have only found complete support any time I have reached out.  I have seen results in which I have never found before or anywhere else.  The therapists at BNC care, and they let you know they care… always ready to help in any way that they can.  I completely recommend and put my trust in BNC.” Sherry S.

"The atmosphere is supportive, motivating and non intimidating. It is also non judgmental, and not once have I left a session feeling that I want to give up. The therapists are real, and they are inspiring. They make you feel like you really can do it and they never give up on you. If one strategy doesn't work, they always have other options to try." Shari F. 

"They make every effort to make you feel comfortable and accepted, while simultaneously encouraging you to grow and succeed. They get to know you as a person before recommending changes, never prescribing generic solutions. They truly care about their clients and recognize that to treat a symptom you must acknowledge the whole person." Rachel S.  

"I can’t say enough about how much they have helped me. It was not all focused on just losing weight but how to get better control of my blood sugars because I have diabetes. I still struggle with my weight and my diet but they never gave up. This is why I have not given up either." Kathy G.

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